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'Modern Sectionals -Easy steps to choose and decorate sectional sofas'

2012-10-09 17:58:44
A Sectional sofa is usually the largest piece of furniture in your living room floor... and even the entire home sometimes. It is the one single piece that it is used the most and draws most of the attention in your space; ...Therefore a sectional sofa needs to be comfortable, functional and stylish....Having said that though, the majority of designs available are mostly boxy, bulky and...

'Modern Design accessories for Pets by WowBow'

2010-03-03 17:02:19

'John Briscella New Age Rocking Chairs'

2015-08-24 10:44:40
Philadelphia-based designer has created an interesting new style of seating. The Calibration stool and lounge chair are like your favorite rocking chairs in 3D! At first glance the chairs look like they were styled after a porcupine. But the number of spikes or legs in this case are designed to support movement in any direction. So instead of simply rocking back and forth, the user can adjust...

'Parisian Design Makes the Old World New Again'

2009-12-03 12:59:48

'Remembering Baghdad with a Table'

2009-11-09 12:47:55

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