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Gaia Sectional Sofa

Item# MIC-09221
While this sofa looks like it could have been in the latest Transformers movie, you dont have to worry about it suddenly converting into a flashy robot, at least any time soon. The built-in fainting couch is mega-comfortable, made specifically for lounging or watching Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Bumblebee kick some fanny on the giant screen plasma. Best of all, your friends can get in on the action, too, grabbing the seats next to you for some bone crushing robo-action during Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Wait, did that cushion just change shape?

Item# MIC-09221

- Hand made solid reinforced hard-wood Birch frame with interlocking joists. - High density-resiliency foam seat and back cushions overlap an extra strong spring system underneath for additional durability and comfort. - Removable cushion and frame covers. - Tasteful, impeccably tailored fabric upholstery comes in the color of your choice

Size: W122 x D67 x H26.4-33.1
Selected Color:
Light Khaki
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